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With over 15 years of desert property service experience, our team has the know-how to handle all of your needs. We will provide top quality service with a friendly and positive attitude.

Just let us know if you require a new service partner or an upgrade from your current choice, we have all the contacts and references you need to ensure top quality service. From pool and landscaping, to cleaning and laundry services, trust our network of service affiliates to satisfy all your needs.

Thank you.

Badger Management Property Services

License # 20018732

Our Team

Jay Badger

Jay Badger

Originally from San Diego, California, Jay brings a fun, energetic passion to everything he does. Let Jay impress you with his positive attitude and ability to get things done. He has the resources available to make sure you are in good hands. Call me anytime… (760) 898-0336
Karlene Roller

Karlene Roller

Client Services
Resourceful and compassionate, Karlene has been helping the Coachella Valley community for over 10 years. (760) 673-8534