Whether you are away for a short time, or the entire season, feel confident that your home is being monitored

and cared for by dependable professionals.We can catch small problems, before they become a major service issue.

On the schedule determined by you, these items can be taken care of:

  • Door and window locks are working and secure
  • Alarm systems are functioning
  • Run water and look for leaks or other damage.
  • Verify AC and appliances are running properly
  • Interior humidity level is maintained
  • Pool and spa are being properly serviced
  • Check on gardeners and irrigation systems
  • Lawn and landscaping are being maintained
  • There are no insect or pest problems
  • Vehicle operation can be verified
  • Charging of golf cart batteries
  • Check and arrange outside services and maintenance requests
  • Collect and/or forward mail
  • Emergency point of contact, if required
  • Monthly reports can be available by request

All service plans can be customized. Seasonal and short-term services are also available.